Where friends help friends find the perfect place to stay.

Trustr is a fresh take on travel, where you — and people you know and trust — share recommendations for great places to stay, and make family homes available to private guest lists. Get out of town with a little help from your trusted social circle.Join Trustr
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Real recommendations. Curated listings. Trusted rentals.

Vetted recommendations from your social circles
Between you and your friends, family and colleagues, you know hundreds of great places to stay — places you’ve rented before and would book again. Places with that amazing kitchen, the porch with the view, or the killer nearby coffee shop.
Share your home with complete control
Create a small private guest list for your home, or make it available more broadly to your Trustr circles. Either way, you’ll always have complete control over who knows about your property, and who can stay there.
Where taste meets trust
Say goodbye to sorting through endless listings, and reading reviews from strangers (or even worse, fake reviews). And say hello to recommendations from people whose taste you trust.
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Guess what? You’re on the guest list.

What if your college roommate just purchased a place in the South of France? Well, good for them. And good for you too! Because they invited you to a private guest list of people who can rent it out. Now add a few more friends with homes they want to share and you have a collection of amazing properties to consider that you will only find on Trustr.

Find your perfect place
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A better way to share your happy place.

Unlike other platforms, here it’s your house. And your guest list. Gain peace of mind when you share your ‘happy place’ with people you actually know and love. And of course, people you trust to take care of the place you care about most.

Share your place
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Finally. A new way to travel, share, and discover.

Trustr combines the best of both worlds — the dependability of ‘word of mouth’, with the reach of social media. So you can find better places to stay, with greater satisfaction and none of the guesswork.

Share it. Discover it. Trust it.

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